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Cervical Stenosis - Treatment

Treatment of the condition depends on the degree of the disease. At the beginning with mild narrowing and tolerable symptoms, the doctor can start with pain medications, physical therapy (e.g. heat pack) and injections.

If the condition is already advanced, the best treatment is by surgery.

The surgery is done from either from the front or the back of the neck, or both. The decision of which approach depends on how many vertebrae are affected and where is the main location of the narrowing - whether it is the discs in the front of the spinal cord or the joints in the back. This does not make a lot of difference, the main goal of the operation is to provide more space for the spinal cord and to stabilise the cervical spine. After surgery, a neck collar may need to be worn for 1 to 3 months. Afterwards, the spinal cord should be maintained with less pain, but also with slight limitation of motion of the cervical spine.
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