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Spinal Infection - Introduction

The spinal column consists of bone structures (vertebrae), with cushions between them in the front (intervertebral discs) and ligaments and joints in the back (facet joints). Like other bone and soft tissue structures of the body, the spinal structures can be infected with different bacteria and through different routes of infection.

Who gets it and When/What causes this?

Spinal infections can be primary (spontaneous through blood supply) or secondary to a procedure on the spine. While spontaneous spinal infections usually occur in the elderly or people with a low immune system, a secondary infection can occur in anyone undergoing an invasive intervention to the spine. This ranges from just an injection, to very big operations.

Generally this condition occurs when the invading bacteria overcome the immune system of the patient. This explains also why it is relatively more common in old age and in patients with low immunity diseases such as AIDS, during or after chemotherapy treatment and patients with long history of cortisone therapy or diabetes. Another risk factor is the inadequate disinfection of the skin prior to any infiltration or surgery on the spine.
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